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31 Erlanger Road, Erlanger, KY 41018-1717


Phone: 859-342-4944  / Fax: 859-342-8331 / Web:www.delaneyandassociatesinc.com

KENTUCKY LINE CARD can be downloaded HERE

Alfa Laval
(Formerley Ashbrook Simon-Hartley) (www.alfalaval.com/as-h)
SBR systems
Sand and disc filters
Biosolids pasteurization

AWC Water Solutions Ltd.

(Formerly Corix Water Systems)

Packaged & modular water treatment systems

Carbtrol Corporation
Activated carbon systems for odor control

Cook Legacy  (Elgin)
Intake & fish screen systems

De Nora (Formerly Severn Trent)
Capital controls, Fisher & Porter, Ecometrics
Chlorine feed equipment
Water/wastewater monitors/analyzers
ClorTec on-site sodium hypochlorite generators
Dry and wet scrubber system
Tetra filter underdrains

Duperon Screens
Fine and coarse screening
Washer compactors
Auger conveyors

(Formerly GEA 2H)
Trickling filter media

Engineered Fluid, Inc. (EFI)
Packaged water booster pump, meter and valve stations Buried and above ground enclosures

Headworks screens , septage receiving &  solids management.

Enviropax, Inc.
Water plant tube settlers
Anco vertical mixers & flocculators

Flomotion Systems, Inc.
Peristaltic metering pumps and skids
Electromagnetic flow meters
Chemical feed accessories

Flowserve Pump
Worthington, Ingersoll Rand,
and Byron Jackson
Pumps: Dry-pit, vertical turbine, submersible,
end suction, splitcase

Grande Water Management Systems

CSO/SSO/EQ flushing gates, tipping buckets,
pivot drums, overflow screens, bending weirs, and flow regulators

House Industries
Floating brush aeration

Komax Systems, Inc.
Static mixers

Sludge thickening, dewatering & drying equipment

Screw and belt conveyors
Sludge bins & silos

Rotary lobe pumps

Lutz-Jesco America
Chemical metering pumps
Chemical feed skid mounted packages

Manning Environmental (www.manningenvironmental.com)
Samplers (peristaltic & vacuum)

Mass Transfer Systems-MTS
Jet aeration & mixing
Submersible aspirators

Merrick Industries
Slakers (paste and detention)
Dry chemical feeders
High density lime systems

Micro-Comm, Inc.
Telemetry & SCADA systems

Midwestern Fabricators
Fiberglass weirs and troughs
Fiberglass tanks and covers
Clarifier density current baffles
FRP Ductwork

Park Process
Dewatering boxes with polymer feed

Prime Solution
Rotary fan & screw presses

Smith & Loveless, Inc.
Pista grit chamber equipment
Packaged wastewater treatment systems
Packaged sewage pump stations
Wet well mounted pump stations
Surface aerators

Spaans Babcock

Archimedean screw pumps
Fine screens

Spencer Turbine Company
Blowers & vacuum systems
(centrifugal, regenerative, & turbo)

Stamford Scientific International (SSI)
Aeration products and systems

SUEZ (Formerly Infilco Degremont) (www.degremont-technologies.com)
Biological - MBBR, IFAS, BAF and iron/manganese removal
Biosolids - Anaerobic digestion, incineration & thermal/solar drying
Clarification – Accelator, DAF, DensaDeg, Superpulsator
Filtration – ABW, Greenleaf
Headworks - Climber screens

SUEZ (Formerly Ozonia Degremont)
Ozone disinfection systems
Aquaray UV systems

A Subsidiary of Spencer Turbine)

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Filters &
Pressure Filters

Vaughan Company, Inc
Chopper Pumps
Screw Centrifugal Pumps
Turbo Mixer

Wastewater Level (FOGRod)
Lift Station Level Control